ISSOMI Maintenance Free LiFePO4 Starter Battery Upgraded 12.8V/60Ah – Euro Standard Case

A lighter, longer-lasting, more reliable, and maintenance-free LiFePO4 Starter Battery, which is a better substitute for existing lead-acid batteries

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As a starter battery series of trustworthy and maintenance-free choices that offers a combination of good value and cost-effectiveness, the ISSOMI™ LiFePO4 starter battery is the perfect solution for vehicle starting, lighting, and fuel ignition.

With years of technological innovation and continuous improvement, this maintenance-free LiFePO4 starter battery series is able to offer an extensive models selection to suit most of the vehicles on the market nowadays, no matter it’s for regular cars, buses, heavy-duty trucks, or construction and agricultural machinery, which lead this battery series as the best-selling replacement parts in the aftermarket no doubt due to the excellent quality while you don’t have to cost the earth.

Features of LiFePO4 Starter Battery:

  • Long Service & Low Cost
    Compared with about 500 times of charge-discharge of lead-acid batteries, Lipofe4 starter batteries can be charged and discharged more than 3,000 times, and which average cost is extremely low.
  • Reduce Engine Carbon Deposits
    The Lipo car starter can output a stronger starting current, and the synchronization with the engine ignition device is better, which helps to reduce carbon deposits and reduce fuel consumption
  • Avoid Rescue Needs
    If the battery is low because the vehicle has not been used for a long time or for other reasons, the BMS system can provide enough power to start the car, thus avoiding dependence on road rescue
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Lipofe4 starter batteries are generally considered to be free of any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic, non-polluting, comply with European RoHS regulations, and are greener starting batteries.

ISSOMI LiFePO4 Starter Battery 12.8V/60Ah

ISSOMI LiFePO4 Car Starter Battery 12.8V/60Ah/90Ah

ISSOMI LiFePO4 Starter Battery 12.8V/60Ah/90Ah

ISSOMI LiFePO4 Car Starter Battery 12.8V/60Ah/90Ah


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Output Voltage


Output Current




Battery Pack


Applicable Models

< 4.0L displacement




24.5 x 17.5 x 19 cm

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ +60℃

Other Functions

Overshoot protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection