How to Choose a Household all-in-one Power Storage Device

Under the current situation of tense electricity consumption year by year, there are more and more cases of temporary power outages and power cuts. Basic daily activities such as lighting, cooking, and bathing at home cannot function properly without a backup household power storage device. Therefore, how to choose a trustworthy household all-in-one power storage device has become a concern for many users.

In fact, it is not difficult to choose a product that suits you in the market of various household all-in-one power storage devices. We can screen the products in the following steps.
Step 1: Understand the industry and brand situation
You can search for industry information related to household power storage from WeChat, Zhihu, and major reporting platforms to learn which brands are doing better, whether each has a negative public opinion, such as whether there have been safety accidents, and make a simple combing.
Step 2: Understand the brand’s product situation
Then go to the e-commerce platform to see the products of each brand’s flagship store, what are the characteristics of each brand, its price, specification, service process, and user reputation, and then communicate with the customer service of the other party to make a comparison.
Step 3: Prioritize your needs
Through the first two steps, you basically have a panoramic understanding of the household power storage devices currently on the market. At this time, you need to determine the priority of your needs for the device according to your own situation, such as safety > energy saving > convenience > cost performance > and aesthetics. And select about 3 target brands.
Here I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to the safety of the household all-in-one power storage device, which is the core. It is necessary to look at the investment and energy supply design of the other party’s products in terms of safety.

for example:

  1. What type of battery do you use? How about heat resistance and stability? The suggestion is to choose A-grade lithium iron phosphate battery products. This type of battery is currently evaluated by the industry to be safer, non-flammable, and explosive, and has a long service life, basically more than 10 years.
  2. Is there a battery management system? energy management system? Remote monitoring system? Malfunction alarm device? Only in this way can the safety of daily operation and maintenance be guaranteed, and once a failure occurs, it can be dealt with in time to avoid safety accidents.
  3. Is the installation simple and convenient? The more complicated the installation operation, the higher the operation and maintenance cost, and the more likely to be potential safety hazards. It is best to choose a product with extremely simplified wiring + fool-proof socket design + universal wheels + flexible power expansion. It is easy to operate and maintain, and the loss is also low. You don’t have to worry about equipment failure caused by misoperation.
  4. How about the energy-saving effect? How about energy storage? Is it possible to store energy from multiple sources such as photovoltaics, mains electricity, and diesel engines? And switch smart or not?
    Of course, the specific energy-saving effect needs to be professionally calculated according to the needs of the home. If you are interested, you can send a private message and I will give you a preliminary evaluation.

Step 4: Communicate in detail about the installation plan
Communicate with the brand in detail through the e-commerce platform to obtain a preliminary installation plan, and need to evaluate the input and output.
Step 5: Comprehensive evaluation to determine the final purchase product
Finally, choose the home all-in-one power storage device product you want to buy, and just go through the delivery process.

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