ISSOMI Bussiness Charging Station DC 40kw Ground-Mounted

A fast public charging station  with high efficiency, reliable and stable performance

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They are suitable for occasions such as city special charging stations that provide charging for buses, taxis, public service vehicles, sanitation vehicles, logistics vehicles, etc.; city public charging stations that provide charging for private cars, commuters, bus; intercity highway charging stations and other occasions that need special DC fast charging.

  1. Delicate appearance, simple operation, convenient installation;
  2. High efficiency, reliable and stable performance;
  3. Friendly interaction interface, 7 inches color touch screen;
  4. Support Plug&Play, RFID Card/OCPP 1.6J (optional);
  5. Support Ethernet/3G/4G/WIFI telecommunication;
  6. Support CCS-2/CCS-1/CHAdeMO/ GB/T connector(or Socket) optional;
  7. Overload integrated Protection;
  8. Support online data upgrade

Public Charging Station DC

Public Charging Station DC

Public Charging Station DC

Public Charging Station DC

Public Charging Station DC

Public Charging Station DC

Additional information




Ground Mounted

AC Supply

Three-phase, 5 wire AC system

Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Ambient Temeprature

-25℃ ~ 55℃

Ambient Humidity


Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~ 70℃

Output Gun


Output Types

DC200~700V, DC150V~500V(JIS)

Max Output Current

125AMP / 150 AMP


7 inch touch screen

User Authentication

APP or User interface / QR code / RFID Card / Password /


OCPP 1.6J Protocol (optional)

Interface Between Charger& CMS

Ethernet/3G/4G/WIFI (optional)

Executive Standard

IEC 62196 2017, IEC 61851 2017, SAE J1772, CHAdeMO etc.

Safety Protection

Over-current, Under voltage, residual current, surge protection, leakage protection, short circuit, over temperature, etc.