ISSOMI Lithium Commercial Battery Storage Cabinet – EPS Series

Scalable cabinet-type enterprise energy storage system based on lithium iron phosphate, which supports on-demand customization

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Industrial and commercial energy storage systems use lithium batteries as energy storage devices, and through local and remote EMS management systems, realize the balance and optimization of power supply and power demand among the grid, batteries, and loads, and can be easily connected to new technologies such as photovoltaics. Energy equipment brings application value in peak and valley power consumption, distribution network capacity expansion, and power safety, and at the same time serves as a core node to realize smart grid access. The system adopts a cabinet design, which is composed of a power cabinet and a battery cabinet, and has the following characteristics:

  • Modular Design. Cabinet-type modular design, small footprint, the number of power control and battery expansion cabinets can be configured according to actual needs
  • High-Quality Lifepo4 Components. Using high-quality Lifepo4 as energy storage components, it has higher safety, longer service life, and wider working environment range
  • Multi-stage Charging/Discharging. More peak and valley arbitrage space, saving more electricity costs for enterprises
  • Support Microgrid. Provide higher power reliability for enterprises and parks

ISSOMI Lithium Commercial Battery Storage Cabinet

Additional information


Control Cabinet

256 KW

Max Number of Control

4 ,(1MW)

MTTP Module

Optional (photovoltaic charging)

STS Module

Optional (off-grid switching)

Rated Voltage


Rated Frequency


Voltage Range


Protection Level




Cooling Method

Intelligent forced air cooling


Ethernet/4G/RS485 (electric meter)

Expansion Cabinet

215 KWh

Max Number of Expansion

8, (1.6MWh)

Fire Fighting System

Heptafluoropropane / active warning

Operating Temperature