Upgraded Absolute V6 Replacement Battery for Dyson 6000mAh/21.6V

Dyson V6 absolute battery replacement 6000mAh 21.6V  Compatible with V6 Animal Absolute Motor-head Slim SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 SV07 SV09 vtc4 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 DC72 DC74 V6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



  • As Original V6 Battery Replacement. The 21.6V V6 battery for Dyson has the same appearance, material, and internal structure as the original battery. Our V6 replacement battery has passed CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. certifications. There is no safety problem and can be used with confidence
  • Upgraded 6000mAh Battery. 6.0Ah upgraded high-capacity V6 cordless vacuum battery for Dyson, the use time is longer than the original battery, the V6 battery is more durable, so your vacuum works longer, and it can also reduce the number of charging times, making the battery life longer
  • High Applicability. Our V6 battery replacement compatible with V6 series tools such as V6 Trigger, V6 Animal, V6 Motorhead, V6 Fluffy, V6 Absolute, SV03, SV04, SV09, DC58, DC59, DC62, VTC4 battery. Attention: our V6 battery replacement is not compatible with V7 or V8 cordless vacuum
  • Safe and Reliable. Our V6 SV04 battery replacement can provide short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection. [Tip: Please do not use or charge the V6 SV03 battery replacement battery when the battery temperature is high, so as not to damage the battery, please use or charge after cooling down

V6 Replacement Battery for Dyson

  • 6.0Ah V6 Battery Replacement for Dyson V6 Advantages-Upgraded Battery
    Upgrade Capacity–6000mAh large battery V6 SV04 battery, which can increase the use time
  • Upgraded Material–Using high-quality battery elements, safe and stable
  • Perfect Interface–Perfectly adapted to V6 cordless vacuum cleaner and charger
  • Led Light–Light on means charging, light off means charging is complete

Dyson V6 absolute battery replacement

Compatible with

  • Compatible with Dyson V6 Absolute, V6 Animal, V6 Motorhead, V6 Fluffy, V6 Trigger and V6 Slim Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compatible with Dyson V6 SV03, SV04, SV05, SV06, SV07, SV09, 595, 650, 770, and 880 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compatible with Dyson V6 DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 DC72, and DC74 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compatible with Dyson V6 Car+ Boat, V6 Top Dog, V6 Mattress, V6 Trigger, and V6 Trigger Pro Excl Vacuum Cleaner
  • Compatible with Dyson V6 Multifloor Exclusive, V6 Top Dog HEPA, V6 Trigger Extra, and V6 Baby+ Child Cordless Cleaner Vacuum

Dyson V6 absolute battery replacement

V6 Battery Replacement Battery Maintenance Method

  • No Memory Effect: After fully charged, then fully discharged to keep the Dyson V6 battery healthy, at least once every two to three weeks
  • Storage Environment: If you will not use the Dyson V6 animal battery replacement for a long time, please store it in an environment away from heat and metal objects. It is recommended to store it in a clean, dry, and cool place
  • Keep the Dyson V6 Battery Battery Clean: Cotton swabs and alcohol can be used to clean the battery contacts, which helps to maintain a good connection between the battery and the device
  • Don’t Shelve the Battery: Don’t leave the Dyson V6 battery dormant for a long time. It is recommended to use the battery every two to three weeks
    Charging Tip: If the Dyson V6 battery has just been used up, please don’t charge it immediately, it will be better to charge it after it has cooled down